Smart Cities Need Smart Options For Critical Communications And Security Says ETELM

Smart Cities Need Smart Systems For important Communications And Security states ETELM

Smart cities are on the rise throughout the world – an opportunity to integrate advanced level important Communications infrastructures, claims ETELM Director

Berlin, Germany, 25 October 2017 – security should not be compromised when establishing the wise urban centers into the future and crucial Communications could be the real cornerstone to it, alerts Paul Ward, Global Sales Director of ETELM, a number one manufacturer of advanced Mission Critical Communications systems. Speaking at Broadband World Forum 2017, Ward place a focus on brand new and emerging technologies at this time facing market assessment, and exhausted the importance of wise towns and cities having wise communications solutions included in the infrastructure from outset.

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“We are living through extraordinary times where fast technological breakthroughs are now being achieved worldwide,” commented Ward. “However, vital communications answer providers must ensure that history and pre-existing infrastructure could well keep pace with the brand-new demands becoming added to them, whilst future-proofing new solutions and infrastructures to guarantee the challenges nowadays aren’t replicated as time goes on.”

Today, crucial communications option providers face increasing needs as wise urban centers come to be a reality. The important thing concern for almost any technology investment would be to prevent obsolescence and choose a technology that has a long-term future based on non-proprietary technology and another which will be introducing brand new and higher level functionality. Ward explained that this marks a chance to integrate advanced vital communications solutions. ETELM believes the best strategy is always to develop an answer centered on LTE standards, but the solution needs to be proven and trustworthy from inception.

He continued: “The rapid developments our company is witnessing are mostly being driven by marketplace need along with new standards and suppliers wanting to get an aggressive advantage. As with every advanced level technologies it is crucial that users select the most suitable solution because of their particular working requirements – now and in the future. If at all possible, technology must be according to available requirements which lower the people’ dependence on solitary sellers while increasing functionality and competitors.”

Ward added exactly how interoperability is progressively important across all technology verticals, using focus becoming on TETRA, 4G, and 5G.

“ETELM’s view is that 4G and 5G have actually an important role later on for Mission important people and smart services. However, it will take many years for those services be completely tested, attain readiness, and fulfill most of the user requirements. Because of this, our focus is on unifying technologies, which reinvigorate legacy infrastructure while also guaranteeing it’s future-proofed, allowing approaches to be wise city ready, today,” Ward concluded.

ETELM has posted a unique whitepaper called “ETELM 4GLinked built-in answer for smart university communications and security”, which contends that a ‘one-sized-fits-all’ method of vital communications can not work. The whitepaper describes why brand new and emerging technologies have the prospective to reinvigorate legacy infrastructure such as for instance TETRA, and why the focus must today move to interoperability as technologies progressively converge.

To see the total white paper, kindly download it from the site here:


ETELM is a leading maker of advanced Mission important communications systems for over 35 years. Located in Paris, France, ETELM develops and provides higher level radio communications infrastructure including LTE, TETRA, DMR and Analogue base programs (that can be fully integrated on LTE Core) and a variety of applications including network management, dispatcher, vocals recorders and gateways to other technologies. ETELM is dedicated to supplying fully incorporated, multi-technology solutions making use of business standard core networking.

ETELM’s 4G related portfolio is a variety of revolutionary services and products made for the air communications marketplace, linking both Narrowband and Broadband into an individual, fully distributed LTE core network. The clear answer is unique whilst makes it possible for standard TETRA, DMR, Analogue and P25 base programs to directly connect with exactly the same LTE core community as 4G eNodeB mobile gear, avoiding the need for black colored containers or gateways. For more info please see and follow united states on LinkedIn.

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