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Robots – Latest News in Robot Technology

We all grew up dreaming that the robots we saw in science fiction would become real someday, and that dream is slowly being achieved. Ever since technology came into the picture, the TV fantasies are about to become a reality. The field of robotics has made such a phenomenal progress in developing various technologies. Let’s take a closer look at some of the latest news in robot technology.

Robot Technology

Artificial Intelligence brains can make bad decisions and could harm humans:

We all know that we need to pay a huge price for all the conveniences modern technologies provide us. The potential pitfalls of some AI brains may be obvious, but most of them are insidious. Recent studies have shown that AI systems work on the basis of learning the data which reflects human history. Human history is not something we all are proud of, and algorithms are written in such a way that it might boost the robots to become biased with humans.

The AI systems are built using neural networks that attempt to simulate the way the human brain works to learn various things. Just like how humans can find the patterns in speech, text, and images, the robots can also be trained to do the same. The information which we provide them is filled with human flaws and biases and thus can affect the decision making of the AI systems.

Driverless technology is about to revolutionize the way we look at transportation:

Drivers will no longer be wanted. There are places which have started to use driverless tractors and drones for growing crops. Researchers have said that they can transform the farming industry and simplify the work done by the farmers. A project named Hands-Free Hectare (HFHa) aims to be the first in the world to plant, tend and harvest crops with the help of self-driving vehicles and drones.

Truck drivers are soon to be replaced as a new technology called platooning on trucks will be tested by a German Manufacturer who says that this technology will make trucks to connect digitally to conserve fuel by driving closely together.

Household robots provide an excellent chance for hackers to rob your house:

Every new technology that is being released in the world offers an opportunity for hackers to mess with it. Domestic robots are quite vulnerable to hacker attacks; all they need to do is get into the same network as the household robot and turn the adorable looking robots into violent entities.

Apart from being violent, the robots can be used as spies. Soon robots will be used by various families and businesses and when they get hacked there will be severe consequences. Many types of research and conferences are conducted to avoid such outcomes, and better algorithms are being designed, but hackers will always find a way.