Parrot Sequoia+ & Pix4D: An innovative new generation of large accuracy multispectral sensor with automated radiometric calibration

Parrot Sequoia+ & Pix4D: a fresh generation of large precision multispectral sensor with automated radiometric calibration

Tuesday 10th April, London – resources aimed at precision agriculture assistance farmers and agronomists optimise the ROI of these plants and improve their daily efficiency. This high accuracy and evaluation makes it possible for farming professionals to make knowledgeable decisions effortlessly.

Parrot has created Parrot Sequoia+, an innovative new generation of their multispectral sensor which allows you to definitely automatically calibrate multispectral pictures utilizing Pix4Dmapper or Pix4Dag without a calibration target. This leads to an improved consumer experience, plus much more consistent reflectance calculations.

The mixture of Parrot Sequoia+ with Pix4D is an example of this combined hardware and software expertise delivered by Parrot Business Solutions. This approach showcases just what the Parrot Group brings to experts, particularly in agricultural industry, by providing high-value drone solutions which can be both reliable and affordable, thus offering an optimized user experience.

Parrot Sequoia+ & Pix4D: accurate information guarantees precise analysis
Thanks to Pix4D’s brand-new radiometric processing pipeline, Parrot Sequoia+ allows a far more consistent assessment of gathered information and improves an individual knowledge by detatching the necessity for a reflectance target.

Farmers and agronomists have the ability to access absolute reflectance measurements, conserving all of them time and offering these with extremely precise vegetation list maps (like NDVI and NDRE) and detailed evaluation.

Parrot’s R&D department worked along side Pix4D to generate target-less calibration, allowing really precise crop information capture.

Due to the exemplary accuracy delivered by this answer, this data may be used to:

  • Visualise & comprehend the crop health through the use of very accurate plant life indices.
  • Monitor the advancement of a crop (propagation of a disease or the aftereffect of cure).
  • Generate management zones and track progress of seeding attempts.
  • Optimise fertiliser strategies to enhance overall productivity.
  • Export accurate chart outputs into farm administration systems.

Parrot Sequoia+ is available buying from end of April 2018 on Parrot’s circulation system,, also via senseFly’s distribution system,
MSRP: £2,999 exc. VAT

Come and discover Parrot Sequoia+ at Commercial UAV Expo Europe / Booth #208. 10-12 April 2018 – Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

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