Parrot Bluegrass The Multipurpose Quadcopter Solution For Agriculture

Parrot Bluegrass The Multipurpose Quadcopter Solution For Agriculture

Parrot Bluegrass is the very first Parrot quadcopter specifically designed for farming, and is modern company Solution from Parrot joining and complementing the Parrot pro range. This can include the Parrot Disco-Pro AG & Parrot Bebop Pro-3D Modeling, which launched earlier in 2010, and much more recently – Parrot Bebop-Pro Thermal.

2017 was a significant and busy year for Parrot, with all the launch regarding the business’s Parrot expert range in Q2 2017. This new solutions combine Parrot’s consumer and commercial technologies and supply use of drone cleverness for business and independent users. Simply last thirty days (September), Parrot in addition launched the worldwide launch of two brand new additions to its consumer range – Parrot Mambo FPV and Parrot Bebop 2 Power.

Parrot Bluegrass

Parrot Bluegrass

Aided by the launch of Parrot Bluegrass, Parrot is yet again affirming its dedication to innovating new solutions that advantage businesses with UAVs, sensors and pc software that embeds a brand new degree of precision data, and will be attached to existing business workflows. Parrot company Options is evolving how a large number of industries work helping to boost ROI, effectiveness and efficiency.

Parrot Bluegrass is a multipurpose quadcopter created for farming experts, and helps farmers boost their ROI, using its two embedded digital cameras; video camera and multispectral sensor. Using its front side Full HD camcorder, this option lets people aesthetically track the farm’s infrastructure, land and herds. Additionally allows farmers to get a complete overview and detect problem areas throughout types of crop fields quickly and efficiently, as a result of its multispectral sensor created for Precision Agriculture, Parrot Sequoia, and also the user friendly processing cloud system – AIRINOV FIRST+.

Parrot Bluegrass can automatically cover up to 30 hectares at 70 m / 230 ft. flight height per battery pack use. It can also fly at low altitudes, optimising crops that may require exact mapping.

Parrot Bluegrass is a user friendly integrated solution specifically designed for farmers. You can easily set up, simple to fly using its Pix4Dcapture independent trip ability, very easy to process information with AIRINOV FIRST+, and easy to keep and repair.

Parrot Bluegrass Agricultural Solution includes:

  • A powerful and easy to take care of quadcopter built with the full HD forward digital camera and embedded Parrot Sequoia advanced level multispectral sensor.
  • Flight preparing mobile application with Pix4Dcapture
  • Data handling with AIRINOV FIRST+ cloud platform
  • A long range remote-control Parrot Skycontroller 2

Parrot Bluegrass: The quadcopter created for farming

  • Precision Agriculture
    Parrot Bluegrass is a powerful quadcopter weighing only 1.9 kg. It is fully-equipped with a robust, on-board processing system, including embedding the Parrot Sequoia – an advanced multispectral sensor for Precision Agricultural solutions facilitating crop analysis.
  • Autonomous flight and mapping
    Parrot Bluegrass includes Pix4Dcapture, the world’s very first preparation application that enables farmers to properly determine the specific plot they wish to map.
    The user changes the flight parameters based on the precision needed and also the style of plants.
    The whole trip, from take-off to landing[1], is automated by the quadcopter in addition to photos grabbed by its front Comprehensive HD 14MP camera tend to be streamed live on the screen of a connected tablet.
  • Manual observation flight
    As a multipurpose tool, Parrot Bluegrass can also be piloted by hand utilizing the included Parrot Skycontroller 2 Wi-Fi radio control, which gives a 2km range, aided by the capability to statically hover and inspect.
    The option lets farmers observe their particular plants from brand-new heights and capture video of these land, infrastructure or livestock due to the drone’s HD frontal camera. Users also can check areas which are hidden at eye-level, identify suffering parcels or possible conditions that in many cases are missed on ground.

Parrot Sequoia, a miniaturized multispectral option created for drones
Parrot Sequoia embedded in Parrot Bluegrass provides a whole and precise multispectral imagery solution for drones that captures pictures of plants both in visible and invisible spectrums.

The answer is composed of:

  • A multispectral sensor with GPS, that immediately files images of crops in four distinct spectral rings: green (500nm Bandwidth 40nm), red (660nm Bandwidth 40nm), red-Edge (735nm Bandwidth 10nm) and near Infrared (790nm Bandwidth 40nm).
  • A sensor equipped with a RGB digital camera (16 MP)
  • An inner 64GB memory to store grabbed images
  • A luminosity sensor (‘sunshine’ sensor) that detects lighting problems and immediately calibrates gathered information aided by the multispectral sensor data through the computer system handling period.

AIRINOV FIRST+, the mapping and examining platform for multispectral images
AIRINOV FIRST+ on line system enables users to process and analyse the info and photos captured by Parrot Sequoia.

In just a couple of hours, the farmer receives a turnkey report made up of orthomosaic NDVI maps (absolute and adjusted) and zoning (simple and step-by-step). This allows an accurate view associated with the biomass (density of vegetation) and relative wellness associated with crops, assisting specialists to ascertain which places need certain interest. Experts may use these insights to understand which places need many maintenance and keep track of the consequences and advancement for the farm with a high precision.

With Parrot Bluegrass, farmers and agriculture cooperatives keep the control of the data grabbed by the quadcopter and also the evaluation of the information is right sent to them, with no intermediary.

Who’s the Parrot Bluegrass designed for?
Parrot Bluegrass is a multi-purpose company way to help farming and horticulture specialists, farmers and independents make informed decisions.

Because of the embedded Parrot Sequoia advanced multispectral sensor makes it possible for Precision Agriculture mapping and data analysis of crops, coupled with Parrot Bluegrass’s capacity to travel at low-altitude gives optimization for fresh fruit plants.

Its forward digital camera, with the chance to accomplish fixed routes, enable the observance of livestock or particular areas of land or terrain.


Parrot Bluegrass should be for sale in November 2017 at drone resellers, farming outlets, farming technology professionals and

MAP: £4.500ex VAT

Parrot Bluegrass pack content:

  • 1 Parrot Bluegrass quadcopter
  • 1 Parrot Sequoia
  • 1 Parrot Skycontroller 2
  • 1 Backpack
  • 3 Batteries Lithium Polymer (25min per battery pack)
  • 2 Chargers
  • 1 Year license to AIRINOV FIRST+
  • 1 Month usage of Pix4Dag


View the video clip here

[1]Please check regional laws before flying.

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