Google Home

10 Amazing Things Google Home can do for you Right Now

Google home is a voice-activated personal assistant. All you need to do is say “hey Google” and give a command or ask a question, and you get a response from the device. The device is specially designed to make things easier for you. Whether you want to hear the latest headlines or set the timer to your oven or set the thermostat, Google Home is always there to help you out.



The following are some of the amazing things Google Home can do for you right now:

Change the temperature in your house:

If you happen to have a Nest thermostat, then you can control it using the Home device. All you need to do is say “Ok Google” or “Hey Google,” set the temperature to 19 degrees and your thermostat changes the temperature of the room.

Order an Uber:

Ever since smartphones were in the market, people started to use various apps through which they can book a cab. Uber is one such app which allows you to book a ride using your smart-phone. Once you link the Home account with the Uber account, you just have to say, “OK Google, get me an Uber” and a cab will be sent your home.

Make announcements through the device:

Now you can convey messages to the members of your family in your house. No longer do moms need to should and call everyone in the family to come for dinner. With Google Home, you can broadcast messages to every home speaker in your house.

Send information to your phone:

You can instruct Google home to send data and queries to your phone. So if you want to send any information to your phone, you can do it with the help of this device. However, this feature works only for specific categories.

Family fun features:

The device is an excellent way to entertain your kids at home. You are offered with different varieties of science quizzes, games, music, riddles, jokes, etc. Google home can even tell your kids bedtime stories.

Turn off and on the lights in your room:

If you happen to have home compatible smart lights, then you can operate it with Google home. You can on, off and change the color of the light by instructing the device.

Check if a store is open:

You can ask Home about the nearest grocery store in your neighborhood and inquire about the opening and closing time of the store.

Send messages:

You need to link your WhatsApp account with Home, and once this is done, you can ask the device to send the message to any person in your contacts.

Get Traffic Conditions:

If you are wondering what the traffic of a particular route will be, then you can ask Home to update the latest traffic conditions of the route you will be taking.

Control Netflix:

After linking your Chromecast devices, you can watch any episodes from various series and shows.